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Learn To Fly 3 Game:

Learn To Fly 3 is the third part of an interesting arcade series named learn to fly. This game was created by Light Bringer Games and released on 19 February 2016. After announcing, Immediately, the game received a lot of positive feedback from the players around the world. Moreover, learn to fly 3 is also rated as the most interesting part in this series game.

In this game, you will have to complete all the challenges in the game with your launcher. After each journey, you will earn a sum of money. How much money you can earn is depending on your speed, air-time, and altitude reached. And you can use the money to purchase an upgrade for your launcher or even buy a new one.

There are total 4 modes in this game including Story Mode, Payload Mode, Classic Mode, and finally, Sandbox Mode. You will have to pass the story mode to unlock the 3 last ones.

Modes in Learn To Fly 3

The story mode is a mode where you have to earn much money to upgrade your ship and make it into space. You also have to try to beat the time challenges in this mode to unlock the other modes.

The payload mode - the name of this mode showed you about your mission on it. In payload mode, you will have to build a much stronger ship that is able to pull heavy payloads and carry them into space.

Classic mode: This is a mode that is reminiscent of the 2 previous Learn to Fly games. In the classic mode, your mission is to fly as far as possible horizontally. You will have to think about a new strategy for this mode to fly with longer distance instead of fly with higher altitude.

And finally is Sandbox mode. This is a free mode, where you can mess around with many game and physics constants. You are free to do whatever you want in this mode.

Laucher and boosts in Learn To Fly 3

Laucher and boosts in Learn To Fly 3 

In addition, this game has many special features allows you to have more interesting experience. For example, you can build a crazy spaceships form a combination of over 100 unique parts; there are 24 stages, 18 launchers, 24 boosts and 23 bodies for you in this part. Moreover, there are over 80 achievements in this part and more special that each achievement has a unique reward.

How to play Learn To Fly 3

With a simple gameplay, you can control this game easily.

  • Just use button A/D or left/right to steer your ship.
  • W:  Up to boosts
  • S:  Down to stop the certain stages
  • Buttons 1/2/3/4 to use single boosts.

In addition, you also can change the control button in the options menu.

Learn To Fly 3 tips and tricks

  • You can customize HUD with all sorts of relevant information.
  • You also can decorate your ship and your character with many colors.
  • To customize the music, click on the main menu.

Learn To Fly 3 hacked

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Now, it is the time for you to experience the game yourself. Can you have an excellent performance with this game? Let's start to know!

Learn to Fly 3 Unblocked Walkthrough

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